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 Advancing Psychology as a 
Science and as a Profession
Since 1949

Classified Advertising 

How to Submit a Classified Ad

Ads on the IPA website are $100 per month. To submit an ad for publication send email to ipa@iowapsychology.org or phone the IPA Central Office at 515-802-6666 

Ads are also accepted for TIP 
The rates for advertising in TIP are:
Full page: $395.00
1/2 page: $260.50
2 Column: $29.00 per inch
1 Column: $15.50 per inch

Size requirements:

Full page: 580 pixels wide x 760 pixels tall

Half page (horizontal): 580p x 370p

Half page (vertical): 280 x 760

Quarter page: 280 x 370

Third page: 580 x 240

In all cases, IPA reserves the right to reject any submissions.

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